Doug Stevens

I was so lucky to find Phil Shaw. I had a 2TB Western Digital hard drive that appeared hopeless, and I had already asked two people to help me, without success. He found the data, moved it to a new drive, and saved our project which had a ton of video data. His price was less than half of what a national chain was quoting me. Then he did it again with a Toshiba hard drive (as I recall). Both the WD and Toshiba had external power. Then we had an SSD Drive, and the people at the Apple Store hooked me up with a new national service, telling me that I could expect to pay close to a grand to get the data off, and that the SSDs were much trickier and could be impenetrable. Phil found the data, moved it to a new drive, and got us back in business, for less than half of that. In the meantime, I had recommended him to a film-maker friend of mine who had a similar good experience. I highly recommend him.

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